Ahmed Bouchefra: Django 3 Tutorial & CRUD Example with MySQL and Bootstrap

Django 3 is released with full async support! In this tutorial, we’ll see by example how to create a CRUD application from scratch and step by step. We’ll see how to configure a MySQL database, enable the admin interface, and create the django views. We’ll be using Bootstrap 4 for styling. You’ll learn how to: Implement CRUD operations, Configure and access a MySQL database, Create django views, templates and urls, Style the UI with Bootstrap 4 Django 3 Features Django 3 comes with many new features such as: MariaDB support:…

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How to Remove a Key, Value, or Entry from an HashMap in Java 8 – Example Tutorial

In the last article, I have shown how to remove key/value pairs from a map in Java based upon some conditions like remove all entries where values are greater than some values. I have told you that you must use the Iterator's remove() method for removing mapping while iteration to avoid ConcurrentModificationException, but that's not required anymore in Java 8. From JDK 8 onwards, you can selectively remove mapping without iterating over Map. The JDK 8 API has added several new methods to existing interfaces e.g. java.util.Collection, java.util.Map, Comparator etc…

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Julien Danjou: Sending Emails in Python — Tutorial with Code Examples

What do you need to send an email with Python? Some basic programming and web knowledge along with the elementary Python skills. I assume you’ve already had a web app built with this language and now you need to extend its functionality with notifications or other emails sending. This tutorial will guide you through the most essential steps of sending emails via an SMTP server: Configuring a server for testing (do you know why it’s important?) Local SMTP server Mailtrap test SMTP server Different types of emails: HTML, with images,…

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Webinar Preview: “Starting Testing” tutorial step for React+TS+TDD

As a reminder… next Wednesday (Oct 16) I’m giving a webinar on React+TypeScript+TDD in PyCharm. I’m doing some blog posts about material that will be covered. See the first blog post for some background on this webinar and its topic. Spotlight: Starting Testing The first tutorial steps got us setup in the IDE, with a sample project generated and cleaned up. Now it’s time to learn React and TypeScript by…writing tests? Indeed! This tutorial is trying to sell you on the idea that you’ll be more productive and happier writing…

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Android Studio Tutorial: Create Android App

The following tutorial explains the procedure to create an Android app with basic features using Android Studio. It will help you climb the first step towards learning Android Development. The app will have a simple UI and a few lines of java code so that you can get started with android development. And you can certainly make it more feature-rich after acquiring the basic acknowledge. We’ll make use of Android development studio and explain how to use it in a step by step manner. The tutorial is also using images…

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