Zerynth tools allow you to think outside the box – DesignSpark and Cypress team talk about Zerynth and Python programming

There were some great things to be seen at this year’s Engineering Design Show, but what we’re most happy to see is what our partners have to say about us. The DesignSpark and Cypress Semiconductors teams met up and had a chance to discuss Zerynth tools and Python programming. As always, when talking about Python, one of the topics was its popularity and ease of use. After all, it’s certainly no coincidence that Python is the most popular programming language in the world. “I think it’s given people an indication…

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How To Keep Your Web Design Team Motivated and On Track

The world of web design is going to continue to thrive with every business created needing a website for maximum exposure to their market. For this reason those people that run web design companies or marketing companies that offer website design and management will continue to be in demand. Designers can come from all over the world and have different aspirations with some wanting the freedom that comes from being their own boss while others like the artistic freedom that web design offers. Managing designers can be tough as every…

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Zerynth team at the W.N.I.E. Live – rapid prototyping in Python with Zerynth Studio

What’s new in electronics? Rapid prototyping demos in Python with our team, that’s what. To be more precise, the Zerynth team was at the W.N.I.E. Live presenting demos with Zerynth tools, along with the DesignSpark team. And to clarify the opening sentence, W.N.I.E. stands for “What’s New In Electronics.” W.N.I.E. Live WNIE Live took place at the NAEC Stoneleigh in the UK on September 18th and 19th. As their website says: “WNIE Live brings the electronics industry to life and allows companies to join with like-minded individuals who want to…

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