Python Regex Superpower [Full Tutorial]

What’s the best-kept productivity secret of code masters? Here’s what ex-Google’s tech lead says is the most important skill as a coder (spoiler: it has to do with the topic of the tutorial): Congratulations – you’re about to become a regular expression master. I’ve not only written the most comprehensive free regular expression tutorial on the web (16812 words) but also added a lot of tutorial videos wherever I saw fit. So take your cup of coffee, scroll through the tutorial, and enjoy your brain cells getting active! If you…

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Python Regex Superpower [Ultimate Guide]

This tutorial is a chapter excerpt drafted for my new book “Python One-Liners” (to appear in 2020, No Starch Press, San Francisco). Are you an office worker, student, software developer, manager, blogger, researcher, author, copywriter, teacher, or self-employed freelancer? Most likely, you are spending many hours in front of your computer, day after day. In any case, improving your daily productivity—only by a small fraction of a percentage—will amount for thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars of productivity gain. And more importantly, if you are not merely clocking…

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