Running Unikernels in 2019 with OPS

Unikernels have spent far too long as an academic exercise as researchers tried to figure out ways of shrinking the operating system while improving application security and performance. One of the largest problems with unikernels has traditionally been that they have remained out of reach for the average developer because of their reliance on low-level… Read More » The post Running Unikernels in 2019 with OPS appeared first on CodingAlpha.

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Use the Kubernetes Python client from your running Red Hat OpenShift pods

Red Hat OpenShift is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Program, ensuring portability and interoperability for your container workloads. This also allows you to use Kubernetes tools to interact with an OpenShift cluster, like kubectl, and you can rest assured that all the APIs you know and love are right there at your fingertips. The Kubernetes Python client is another great tool for interacting with an OpenShift cluster, allowing you to perform actions on Kubernetes resources with Python code. It also has applications within a cluster. We…

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