Rene Dudfield: Draft 2 of, ^Let's write a unit test!^

So, I started writing this for people who want to ‘contribute’ to Community projects, and also Free Libre or Open source projects. Maybe you’d like to get involved, but are unsure of where to begin? Follow along with this tutorial, and peek at the end in the “what is a git for?” section for explanations of what some of the words mean. Draft 1, 2018/07/18 – initial draft.Draft 2, 2019/11/04 – two full unit test examples, assertions, making a pull request, use python 3 unittest substring search, “good first issue”…

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Rene Dudfield: Using PostgreSQL as a cache?

In the article on his blog Peter asks “How much faster is Redis at storing a blob of JSON compared to PostgreSQL?“. Answer: 14x slower. Seems about right. Usually Redis is about 4x faster for a simple query like that compared to using PostgreSQL as a cache in my experience. It’s why so many people use Redis as a cache. But I’d suggest PostgreSQL is good enough to act as a cache for many people. Django is pretty slow at fetching from PostgreSQL compared to other python options, so this…

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Rene Dudfield: post modern C tooling – draft 2

DRAFT 1 – 9/16/19, 7:19 PM, I’m still working on this, but it’s already useful and I’d like some feedback – so I decided to share it early. DRAFT 2 – 10/1/19, mostly additions to static analysis tools. This is a post about contemporary C tooling. Tooling for making higher quality C, faster. In 2001 or so people started using the phrase “Modern C++”. So now that it’s 2019, I guess we’re in the post modern era? Anyway, this isn’t a post about C++ code, but some of this information…

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