Build a JavaScript Command Line Interface (CLI) with Node.js

As great as Node.js is for “traditional” web applications, its potential uses are far broader. Microservices, REST APIs, tooling, working with the Internet of Things and even desktop applications: it’s got your back. Another area where Node.js is really useful is for building command-line applications — and that’s what we’re going to be doing in this article. We’re going to start by looking at a number of third-party packages designed to help work with the command line, then build a real-world example from scratch. What we’re going to build is…

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trying to container after vertical line on right side

Trying to have container after vertical line on the right side** I have two separate flex containers, and one will be on the left side of the vertical line, while the other one will be on the right side of the vertical line. I was originally thinking to put all of both of them inside one grid container and then try to have appropriate padding to have one on the left side of the line and vice versa, but I was messing up and thought that idea was incorrect. What…

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