Reuven Lerner: Podcasts, podcasts, and even more podcasts

I’ve recently appeared on a whole bunch of podcasts about Python, freelancing, and even (believe it or not) learning Chinese! If you’re interested in any or all of these subjects, then you might want to catch my interviews: Talk Python to Me: I spoke with Michael Kennedy (and Casey Kinsen) about freelancing in Python — and things to consider when you’re thinking of freelancing. Programming Leadership: I spoke with Marcus Blankenship about why companies offer training to their employees, how they should look for training, and how best to take…

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Reuven Lerner: Early-bird pricing for Weekly Python Exercise ends tomorrow

My native language is English: I grew up speaking it at home and school, and it’s my preference when reading, writing, and speaking. I studied in US schools through 12 grade, and then got both a bachelor’s degree and a PhD at American universities.  I’ve been writing for years, including 20 years as a columnist at Linux Journal. Am I fluent in English? Yes, I’d say so.  And yet, I’m always reading tidbits about the history of English, how to speak more clearly, and how sharpen the language I use…

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