Introduction to the Internet of Things and Zerynth workshop at a university in India

The Internet of Things is well on the way to becoming a household term. We all know about home automation, Amazon’s Alexa and how it’s easy to turn lights on and off with your phone. But what to people know about developing for the IoT? That’s why we try to teach students and developers more about IoT development. Last year we held several workshops that introdued people to the subjet of Internet of Things and Zerynth. One of our users just held a workshop of his own! Abdul Hannan Mustajab,…

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12 Minute Affiliate Review

There are numerous revenue opportunities on-line and one of them is Affiliate Marketing. It stresses that affiliate marketing can be done easily and making money via it is possible. You will certainly have accessibility to a one or full set of sales funnels that will certainly aid you construct an e-mail list which you can send your promotions and offers to as well as make cash as an affiliate. This indicates adding done-for-you website traffic that only takes just 2 mins. Order web site visitors to an automatic system that…

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Internet Festival 2019 – Zerynth demonstrates real Industry 4.0 opportunities for companies and professionals

Last week we were lucky to hold two events at the annual Pisa Internet Festival. The morning event covered the topic of Industry 4.0 and the 4ZeroPlatform, while the evening event covered the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies and technologies with the Zerynth tools. As you can see, we handled some pretty popular topics and questions. But since we’re experts in the field of IoT and Industry 4.0, we thought it would be useful for developers and professionals to hear what we have learned so far, and what they can…

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45 Web Tools To Master The Internet (Sponsored)

A big part of our daily jobs is accomplished with much ease and efficiency by using different web tools and services. There is no doubt that for any type of need there is a great solution that is doing its job. In this article, we are reviewed on short 45 web tools and services that will help you master the internet. You will find a professional invoicing solution for freelancers, the best 24 x 7 support for WordPress themes, plugins and errors, the most popular WordPress analytics plugins, WordPress themes,…

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How the Internet Can Help with Your Self-development

The internet has become the most powerful communication and learning platform ever created. Despite this, many online users don’t take advantage of the resources that are readily available to them on the internet, which can help improve your life in many different ways. Below are some of the most effective ways the internet can help you develop as a person Online Education and Training When it comes to education and work, many people have low self-esteem and get stuck in a rut for their whole career. However, more and more…

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