Samuel Sutch: Hands-On GPU Programming with Python and CUDA: Explore high-performance parallel computing with CUDA

Price: $44.99(as of Oct 28,2019 19:22:03 UTC – Details) Dr. Brian Tuomanen has been working with CUDA and General-Purpose GPU Programming since 2014. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, and briefly worked as a Software Engineer before switching to Mathematics for Graduate School. He completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Missouri in Columbia, where he first encountered GPU programming as a means for studying scientific problems. Dr. Tuomanen has spoken at the US Army Research Lab about…

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Some Hands-On with the HTML Dialog Element

This is me looking at the HTML <dialog> element for the first time. I’ve been aware of it for a while, but haven’t taken it for a spin yet. It has some pretty cool and compelling features. I can’t decide for you if you should use it in production on your sites, but I’d think it’s starting to be possible. It’s not just a semantic element, it has APIs and special CSS. We’ll get to that stuff in a moment, but it’s notable because it makes the browser support stuff…

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