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The Ultimate Energizer Review

The Ultimate Energizer is your best guide to constructing your own alternative and mobile power resource to power up any of your house home appliances consisting of refrigerators as well as air conditioning devices. Would not it be convenient if you own a power resource particularly throughout emergency situation situations like power interruptions which can perhaps occur throughout tragedies? Imagine not fretting concerning abrupt power failures because you have a renewable as well as reputable power source which can offer you huge savings.

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Elegant Python code for a Markov chain text generator

While preparing the post on minimal char-based RNNs, I coded a simple Markov chain text generator to serve as a comparison for the quality of the RNN model. That code turned out to be concise and quite elegant (IMHO!), so it seemed like I should write a few words about it. It’s so short I’m just going to paste it here in its entirety, but this link should have it in a Python file with some extra debugging information for tinkering, along with a sample input file. from collections import…

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Retrofit 2 – Service generator example

Though we can easily create Retrofit instances on demand for different client in place, having a dedicated factory method or service generator method is definitely desirable. In this service generator, we can have centralized place to add/modify the authentication, logging and error handling logic. 1. Retrofit service generator A service generator class defines one method […] The post Retrofit 2 – Service generator example appeared first on HowToDoInJava.

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