Impressions from the first Zerynth Continuous Learning Webinar – UX Design for IoT Projects

We had our first Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar last week. If you’ve watched the webinar you got to learn about UX design for IoT projects straight from the experts. For this first webinar, Daniele Mazzei, our Co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer talked about User Experience design in the context of IoT. Daniele is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department of the University of Pisa where he teaches Human Machine Interface and Social Robotics. And if you haven’t, here’s a little snippet, to show you how it went: For…

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Weekly Platform News: Tracking via Web Storage, First Input Delay, Navigating by Headings

In this week’s roundup, Safari takes on cross-site tracking, the delay between load and user interaction is greater on mobile, and a new survey says headings are a popular way for screen readers to navigate a webpage. Let’s get into the news. Safari’s tracking prevention limits web storage Some social networks and other websites that engage in cross-site tracking add a query string or fragment to external links for tracking purposes. (Apple calls this “abuse of link decoration.”) When people navigate from websites with tracking abilities to other websites via…

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A Frequent Question: Does jOOQ Have a First Level Cache?

One of the more frequent questions people have when switching from JPA to jOOQ is how to migrate from using JPA’s first level cache? Speaking of that, are there any jOOQ guides on how to replace JPA? Any patterns on how to work without EntityManager to manage in-memory state (EM#merge()), 1st level cache, etc. — Dmitry Gusev (@dmitrygusev) August 27, 2018 There are two important things to notice here: jOOQ is mainly used for what JPA folks call “projections” If you’re using only JPA in your application, you may have…

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Profitable Python Episode: Put Your Family First

I was a guest on the Profitable Python podcast this week. You can check it out here: During the interview, I was asked how I would like to have Python runnable in the browser and I couldn’t recall the name of a product that makes this sort of thing possible. The product I was thinking of was Anvil, which while still not quite having Python in the browser, it’s close. The other product I was thinking of was Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plugin that you can use IronPython in. Or at…

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How to Build Your First Telegram Chatbot with Node.js

So, this morning you woke up with the idea to develop a way to store and label interesting articles you’ve read. After playing with the idea, you figure a Telegram chatbot is the most convenient solution for this problem. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to build your first Telegram chatbot using JavaScript and Node.js. To get started, we have to register our new bot with the so-called Botfather to receive our API access token. Bot Registration with @BotFather The first step towards our…

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