Impressions from the first Zerynth Continuous Learning Webinar – UX Design for IoT Projects

We had our first Zerynth Continuous Learning webinar last week. If you’ve watched the webinar you got to learn about UX design for IoT projects straight from the experts. For this first webinar, Daniele Mazzei, our Co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer talked about User Experience design in the context of IoT. Daniele is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department of the University of Pisa where he teaches Human Machine Interface and Social Robotics. And if you haven’t, here’s a little snippet, to show you how it went: For…

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Continuous Reliability: How to Move Fast and NOT Break Things

Development and IT Ops teams commonly find themselves in a game of tug-of-war between two key objectives: driving innovation and maintaining reliable (i.e. stable) software.  To drive innovation, we’re seeing the emergence of CI/CD practices and the rise of automation. To maintain reliable software, DevOps practices and Site Reliability Engineering are being adopted to ensure the stability of software in fast-paced dev cycles. Still, most organizations are finding that accelerating the delivery of software is easier than ensuring that it’s reliable. The average release frequency at the enterprise level is…

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