PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #408 (Feb. 18, 2020)

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#408 – FEBRUARY 18, 2020
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Finding the Perfect Python Code Editor

Find your perfect Python development setup with this review of Python IDEs and code editors. Writing Python using IDLE or the Python REPL is great for simple things, but not ideal for larger programming projects. With this course you’ll get an overview of the most common Python coding environments to help you make an informed decision.

Overloading Functions in Python

Python does not natively support function overloading (having multiple functions with the same name.) See how you can implement and add this functionality using common language constructs like decorators and dictionaries. Related discussion on Hacker News.

Python Developers Are in Demand on Vettery


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PEP 614 (Draft): Relaxing Grammar Restrictions on Decorators

“Python currently requires that all decorators consist of a dotted name, optionally followed by a single call. This PEP proposes removing these limitations and allowing decorators to be any valid expression.” For example, this would become a valid decoration: @buttons[1].clicked.connect

Building Good Python Tests

A collection of testing maxims, tips, and gotchas, with a few pytest-specific notes. Things to do and not to do when it comes to writing automated tests.
CHRIS NEJAME • Shared by Chris NeJame

Types at the Edges in Python

Adding more strict typing around the edges of a Python system for better error messages and design, using Pydantic and mypy. Interesting read!

Python 3.9 StatsProfile

The author of the profiling API improvements coming to Python 3.9 demonstrates the feature and explains how it was added to CPython.

Robots and Generative Art and Python, Oh My!

How to make cool looking plotter art with NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib.

Python Jobs

Senior Python/Django Engineer (London, UK)


Python Developer (Malta)

Gaming Innovation Group

Senior Python Software Engineer (London, UK)


Senior Backend Engineer (Denver, CO)


Senior Software Developer (Vancouver, BC, Canada)


More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

Python Community Interview With Brett Slatkin

Brett Slatkin is a principal software engineer at Google and the author of the Python programming book Effective Python. Join us as we discuss Brett’s experience working with Python at Google, refactoring, and the challenges he faced when writing the second edition of his book.

My Unpopular Opinion About Black Code Formatter

“In this post, I will try to gather all my thoughts on the topic of automatic code formatting and why I personally don’t like this approach.”

How to Build a Blockchain in Python


Blockchain, the system behind Bitcoin, is immutable, unhackable, persistent and distributed, and has many potential applications. Check out ActiveState’s tutorial on how to build a blockchain in Python and Flask using a pre-built runtime environment →

Uniquely Managing Test Execution Resources Using WebSockets

Learn about managing resources for test execution, while building an asynchronous WebSocket client-server application that tracks them using Python and Sanic.

Refactoring and Asking for Forgiveness

“Recently, I had a great interaction with one of my coworkers that I think is worth sharing, with the hope you may learn a bit about refactoring and Python.”

Guide to Python’s Newer String Format Techniques

In the last tutorial in this series, you learned how to format string data using the string modulo operator. In this tutorial, you’ll see two more items to add to your Python string formatting toolkit. You’ll learn about Python’s string format method and the formatted string literal, or f-string.

Full Text Search With Postgres and Django [2017]

“In this post I will walk through the process of building decent search functionality for a small to medium sized website using Django and Postgres.”

Python Tools for Record Linking and Fuzzy Matching

Useful Python tools for linking record sets and fuzzy matching on text fields. These concepts can also be used to deduplicate data.

Classify Valentine’s Day Texts With TensorFlow and Twilio

Use TensorFlow and Machine Learning to classify Twilio texts into two categories: “loves me” and “loves me not.”
LIZZIE SIEGLE • Shared by Lizzie Siegle

Tour of Python Itertools

Explore the itertools and more_itertools Python libraries and see how to leverage them for data processing.
MARTIN HEINZ • Shared by Martin Heinz

Python Static Analysis Tools

Find and fix the bugs and code smells in your Python code with the popular tools for analyzing code.

Getting the Most Out of Python Collections

A guide to comprehensions, generators and useful functions and classes.

Blackfire Profiler Public Beta Open—Get Started in Minutes

Blackfire Profiler now supports Python, through a Public Beta. Profile Python code with Blackfire’s intuitive developer experience and appealing user interface. Spot bottlenecks in your code, and compare code iterations profiles.

Projects & Code

Deadsnakes PPA Builds for Debian in Docker

The Deadsnakes PPA project builds older and newer Python versions not found on a specific Ubuntu release. Originally based on the Debian source packages, they can still be built on Debian and not just on Ubuntu.
GITHUB.COM/JHERMANN • Shared by Jürgen Hermann


PyCon Namibia 2020

February 18 to February 21, 2020

PyData Bristol Meetup

February 20, 2020

Python Northwest

February 20, 2020

PyLadies Dublin

February 20, 2020

Open Source Festival

February 20 to February 23, 2020

PyCon Belarus 2020

February 21 to February 23, 2020

Happy Pythoning!
This was PyCoder’s Weekly Issue #408.
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