Reuven Lerner: My Black Friday sale is live! Take 50% off any course in Python or data science

As promised, the Black Friday sale has begun in my online store. Through Monday, my courses and books are all 50% off with the coupon code BF2019.

This includes all eight of the video courses:

It also includes all six cohorts of Weekly Python Exercise that will start in 2020!  Pay only $50 (rather than $100) per cohort with the coupon code BF2019:

People have had very kind things to say about my courses.  For example:

  • “The
    exercises are perfect for me because they are right in my “wheelhouse”.
    I have enough background knowledge that the context of the problems is
    relevant in my experience, yet I can’t just rattle off the solutions
    instantly. I have to puzzle over them as I try to solve them. I do
    usually achieve my goal of coming up with a solution that I am pleased
    with prior to the answer coming out on the following Monday.”  — Doug
    (about WPE)
  • “I
    was a total python noob when I started.  I just wanted to learn the
    syntax, how to look at problems and find the solution. You provided
    both.  Of course I did a lot of reading too but your teaching is
    instrumental in drilling some concepts into our brains.” — Jean-Pierre
    (about WPE)
  • “It
    was an amazing course. Apart from comprehensions, you have provided
    lots of information about Python programming. The exercises were really
    challenging.” — Jonayed (about “Comprehending Comprehensions”)
  • “I
    really liked the way you went slow and explained everything in
    microscopic detail, acknowledging where the NumPy syntax is
    non-intuitive.”  — David (about “NumPy”)

Again, you can take advantage of this discount?  Just use the coupon code BF2019 at checkout.

But be sure to do it in the coming days — because as of Tuesday, this year’s Black Friday sale will be completely over.

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